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Types of Commercial Refrigeration.

Commercial refrigeration should be economical, environmentally friendly, fully compliant with environmental regulations and in good working condition to ensure the food sale products or refrigerated ingredients are kept fresh and maintained at optimum temperatures. Maintaining temperatures can be costly therefore running costs should be kept to a minimum. Commercial refrigeration, Walk In Coolers, or a display fridge is important as they must fit on your shop floor, are fit for purpose and have the capacity to store plenty of products.

supermarket-commercial-refrigerationThe style and size of commercial refrigeration can vary depending on the size of your store, supermarket, café restaurant or any place of business that requires commercial refrigeration. If there is limited floor space, you can fit tall commercial refrigeration that offers plenty of capacity without taking up too much space. If you are using tall commercial refrigeration due to lack of space then you may need to arrange the products with the shortest shelf life at shopper eye level.

The drawback of tall commercial refrigeration is that most customers mainly see products at a certain eye level and only tend to look above or below eye level if they can’t find the product they came to buy however the tall commercial refrigeration is a space saver if space is one of the most important attributes of a display fridge. The majority of commercial refrigeration have glass doors or display glass so your customers can scan the contents of the commercial refrigeration without opening the commercial refrigeration door. Other types of commercial refrigeration include low height display fridge, multi-deck slimline and standard size commercial refrigeration, high capacity displays, open fronted commercial refrigeration for snacks, dairy foods, soft drinks, sandwiches and much more.

Patisserie commercial refrigeration is ideal for coffee outlets or bakeries where products are on display either with an open front for self-service outlets, or front covered so products are accessed via the rear by café servers. Some bakery products may require hot display commercial heater. Be clever choosing your Commercial Refrigeration and you’ll save space and still offer your customers a pleasant buying experience at the same time.

Sell sandwiches in style

How do you make your product more appealing so it flies off the shelves? The way it’s displayed inside Commercial Refrigeration might have something to do with it. Pop packets of sandwiches inside a light, bright Display Fridge that’s chilled to the right temperature, easy to access and pleasing on the eye and you’ll find the Commercial Refrigeration works on your behalf.

Make the display inside the Commercial Refrigeration as appealing as possible and locate it in a prime position within your store. Clever multi-tier Commercial Refrigeration solutions are worth considering if you’re a little short on space. Sat within their very own temperature controlled environments sandwiches are tempting propositions for hungry customers.

Finding the ideal Display Fridge for your needs

If you’re not sure what type of Commercial Refrigeration options are open to you why not speak to somebody who can offer a little advice? Talk to suppliers of Commercial Refrigeration equipment about the latest types of display fridges that are on the market at the moment. They stock Commercial Refrigeration equipment for all types of sectors from back bar display items that are suitable for pubs to half height units for coffee shops. With their help and guidance, you’ll find the right type of product for your needs, whatever they might be.

It’s a major investment when you buy Commercial Refrigeration for your business so it’s perfectly understandable that you want to buy the best equipment with the budget that you have in mind.

With that in mind, you need to trust your Commercial Refrigeration Repairs to the experts. If you are looking for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors, we recommend Icemasters.

All About Foot Orthotics

calgary foot clinicDid you know that seventy-five percent of North Americans experience foot problems at one time or another in their lives? Apparently, most of us have experienced various foot problems such as a broken toe and a sprained ankle. Besides cute foot injuries such as these, there are more severe and painful foot conditions such as Calluses and corns, tendonitis, arthritis, bunions and ingrown toenails.

However, the good news is that there are effective devices which you can always use to correct ankle and food related problems. These devices are known as orthotics. To be more precise, these are custom pieces of leather, rubber, plastic, metal or another type of synthetic material that can be inserted into a shoe, and help correct your individual foot problem.

They function by balancing your foot in a neutral position. Additionally, they cushion the foot against excess pounding and pressure. Currently, as it stands, we have a broad range of orthotics available for foot problems. It is critical to note that orthotics are usually manufactured after a podiatrist has conducted a thorough and a complete evaluation of the patient’s feet, legs, ankles since this is when the device can quickly and effortlessly accommodate the different pathology and structure of your foot.

Treatment usually starts with the less expensive off-the-shelf orthotics, gradually progressing to a custom orthotic especially if the symptoms and prescriptions require it.

So let us examine a few examples.

Shoe pads.

These are the most common and perhaps the simplest devices. They are used to correct certain conditions which cause pain at the front of your foot. They can be placed inside the shoe, at the bottom of the foot, but take a small space inside the shoe. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles.

Shoe inserts.

These are also known as footbeds, insoles or inlays. They are placed inside the shoe. They treat a variety of conditions such as flat feet and arthritis. There are many different types of inserts, ranging from the soft ones to the ones that are firmer. Their primary functions are to create a solid foundation for your feet.

Ankle braces.

These are used to treat many conditions such as tendinitis, foot drop and ankle arthritis. You must put them on before wearing the shoe. Depending on the location, the severity and the type of your condition, individual braces must be designed specifically for your case.

What to look for before choosing a podiatrist.

If you are currently suffering from natural and frequent foot pains, it is essential that you seek immediate medical advice from a reputable podiatrist. This could be a terrible condition and could prevent you from enjoying your life fully. However, with lots of foot doctors at your disposal, the prospect of finding a good doctor can prove to be a daunting and a challenging task. The question now becomes, how do you know if the podiatrist understands your foot problems? And can he treat your condition effectively? This is why we have outlined the basics features to look for before you hire a podiatrist.

Are they a Board Certified podiatrist?

As a patient, you will always want to feel secure about the medical background of your health professional. When he is board certified in ankle and foot surgery, you have peace of mind knowing that he has adequate knowledge in this particular area. Moreover, do your homework and ensure that the doctor is a legal member of the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association (CPMA) and/or Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine. If you didn’t know, this is an organization of individual podiatrists with the highest levels of education. Some Canadian Podiatrists also hold certifications from our American Counterparts.

Are they offering affordable treatment options?

When choosing a foot doctor, it is imperative that you evaluate the affordability of those services. Of course, money doesn’t have to block your way of having the best healthy and pain-free feet. But, if the cost is too expensive, you’ll always have other options since there are many such service providers.

Does the doctor uses high-end technology and advanced treatment options?

Apparently, a top podiatrist must provide advanced treatment and diagnostic options for every ankle and foot problem. This implies that you must see some of the latest technologies such as digital X-rays, K-laser treatment, HyProCure, Laser therapy and perhaps FootMaxx Orthotics System listed on their web page. If you cannot see these types of technologies listed, this could be a warning sign that the doctor might be using his personal judgment in solving foot problems.

Do they make you feel comfortable?

A top quality foot doctor will try everything so as to make you as comfortable as possible. Having a comfortable and a positive experience should start in the waiting room. If you are feeling cared for and valued in the dressing room, then there is an excellent chance that you’ll have a positive experience with your podiatrist.

What about their online reviews?

Online reviews present a great opportunity for you to access the customer reviews of the previous patients. If most of the reviews are positive, then you can proceed and get help from that particular doctor.

The Bottom Line.

In the last few years, orthotics have gained lots of popularity due to their ability to help correct various food problems. However, before investing in one, you should first consult your doctor regarding the best option for you.

If you are looking for a Calgary Orthotics specialist, we recommend the Calgary Foot Clinic.

Finding a selecting the right Calgary Realtor for your move

calgary realtorWhen selling or purchasing a property in and around Calgary, selecting the right Calgary Realtor is one of the most critical decisions that you make, as the success of your deal greatly depends on your choice. Good realtors can save a great deal of your time, efforts and money, through their knowledge, expertise, and experience of working in the real estate industry. This way they make sure that the selling or buying process turns out to be a stress-free experience for their customers. below are tips on how to Choose a good realtor.

Use referrals

Ask your close friends, relatives or colleagues for referrals, to know if they are aware of any good real estate agent. You can also get advice from them on the local agents. This would help you to determine the reputation of the agents and in making a better decision.

Compare many

Instead of sticking to just one agency, it is advisable to interview or meet as many Calgary Realtors as possible, during your hunt for the best one. Compare them regarding their knowledge, qualification, and experience.

Check on their personalities

While interviewing various agents, you would be able to determine the level of their customer care. Things such as their attitude while attending phone calls, willingness to fix a meeting with you, etc., would help to know how far a particular agent can go to gratify the customer.

Go for flexible ones

If you cannot manage to view different properties during the office hours, find a realtor who does not mind doing business on weekends or after hours.

Look for an agent who deals with houses in your specific price range. This would make sure that he would put his best efforts in the job. Some agents only deal with the high-end properties. They give priority to the customers looking for bigger properties, and if you are hunting for a small home, it may not be really good idea to go for such agents.

Good Communicator

Communication plays a pivotal role while selling or buying real estate. Do make sure you select an agent who understands your requirements. Choosing someone, you are compatible and comfortable with, helps you communicate your concerns with him more easily.

Choose a realtor with excellent negotiation skills

This is a quality that can decide the fate of your deal. If you are a buyer, an agent with good negotiation skills can help to get a house at lower rates, while for the sellers, they can assist you to find as well as select the best among the potential buyers.

Your agent should have a lot of resources to serve your needs in the best possible way. See to it that the agent that you choose uses both print advertising (magazines/newspapers) and other marketing materials such as brochures, the internet, etc.

You must look for an agent providing multiple services

It would be an additional benefit to hiring an agent, who apart from handling the process of buying/selling can, also offer additional services, such as referring you to any credible real estate lawyer or arranging the property inspections.

Follow your gut instinct

Go for someone whom you feel you can trust and rely on. Your satisfaction and comfort level would let you clearly know that whether you have ultimately met the right realtor or not.

These handy tips would surely help you select the best real estate agent to handle your property buying/selling case.

Based on the above, here is one such Calgary Realtor that meets all the above criteria.

Moving Pianos & Art: How to find Good Piano Movers & Art Movers for successful transportation

piano-movers-calgaryThere are lots of considerations for choosing a moving company when moving pianos and antique furniture to a new place. Compared to doing it alone, it is much easier to choose professionals do it for you. Finding the qualified Piano Movers or Art Movers is therefore important.

Such moving companies can be easily accessed and most of them are ready to do the relocation at any time. They are professional movers that have been vetted properly to ensure that they meet the required moving standards. They have the relevant equipment to handle the delicate equipment and take the shortest time possible to move the items safely to the customer’s destination. By hiring a full time moving firm, you save yourself from the stress and headache of making costly mistakes during transportation. Here is one such company that are specialist Calgary Piano Movers.

Below are the specific ways in which a moving company can benefit you:

1.A Moving Company Saves Cost

If you want to reduce the total cost of transporting your pianos and antique furniture, you have to hire the services of a moving firm. This is mainly because they know how to pack and handle the products into one simple package. If you do it yourself, you have to buy the packaging materials, pay for the insurance, hire a van and meet other hidden costs during transportation. Therefore, to save on your overall cost of moving, just hire a reputable moving firm to do the job for you.

2.A Moving Company Saves Time And Energy

If you do it yourself, you can take a lot of time and you will be fully exhausted trying to arrange for a proper move. This is because you will be forced to gather all the required moving equipment and spend some time packing the piano and antique furniture. With the experience and exposure of the moving firms, they take the shortest time possible. They have all the required packaging and transportation tools and they have experience. This is very effective when you want to move within the shortest time possible or when there is an emergency.

3.By Using A Moving Company, You Eliminate Injuries And Possible Damages

Moving is a tedious work and in the process of moving along up the stairs and even loading your equipment into the vehicle, you or your friend may be injured. A moving company has all the safety measures and they ensure that they create a safe working environment to enhance moving your piano and furniture. Besides, they have the right equipment to do the handling and packaging. This reduces chances of injuries and damages.

4.They Give You A Piece Of Mind

When you are moving to a new place, you have a lot in your mind. You have to plan how to move, plan the means of transporting other things, how your children will adjust to the new place and many other necessary logistics. You can do others that you can manage comfortably and let the experts do the rest such as moving the piano and antique furniture that needs a lot of attention. This way, you will settle easily and cope fast to the new environment without fatigue. When under pressure, you can easily mess and even damage some properties.

When you need to move your piano, art or important fragile antique furniture, it is important to find the right piano movers. We hope this article has helped in the process.


interior house painting

When you need interior house painting, there are a few things that you should consider. Painting may seem like a very easy thing to do, but only when it is done properly. If you do not plan, painting can become a very expensive mess. The following 7 tips will help you save money on interior house painting;

1. Paint: Get Enough

One of the first things that you should do is decide how much paint you are going to need for the job. This is very important because you do not want to waste your money on buying more paint than you need. It is also important because if you have a custom color mixed and you run out, it is not always easy to have the same shade mixed twice.

2. Measure Carefully

Paint can be expensive, too. Some brands cost more than $50 for a gallon. You will need to take accurate measurements of the space you need to paint. So, measure the length of your walls and the height. If your room is 12 x 12 with 10- foot ceilings, you will need to multiple 12 x 4 x 10, which will be 480 square feet. You will then need to deduct square footage for the windows and door spaces. Most gallons of paint cover between 300 and 350 square feet, you will need at least three gallons to get two good coats of paint on the walls.

3. Materials: Tape, Drop Cloths, and More

You will need more than just paint to get a room painted properly. You will need brushes, a ladder, and so much more. Painting can be a very messy job, so the first thing you will need is a good set of drop cloths. You do not want to have paint splatter on your flooring, so covering it is a necessity. Another vital piece of equipment is painters tape or a cutter. Painting in corners and around window and door trim takes precision and a very still hand; most people need a little help to get that part of the job done well. If you are painting in an interior room with low ventilation, you should buy a mask, so you do not breathe in pain fumes. The brushes you choose can also make or break your experience; you should talk to the paint store employees about the best materials for the job. It is not unusual to spend around $50 for materials other than paint.

4. Choose Paint Carefully

The choice of the kind of paint can also affect your cost. Sometimes, homeowners go for the really cheap paint. You may save some money in buying cheap paints but in the long run, this may be more expensive as the quality of the paint will not last long. Low quality of paint can easily fade and it may create a chalky finish. They can also chip or peel easily. Good quality paint will outlast the performance of cheap paint which means that with this more expensive paint the maintenance will be less and it will take a longer period before repainting is needed.

5. Paint Sprayer: To Rent or To Buy

If you have a large paint job to carry out, you might want to consider renting or buying a paint sprayer. The technology in paint spraying has come a long way; the sprayers are easier to use and to clean. If you use a sprayer, you can get the walls painted faster than if you use a brush or a roller. If you have rooms with unusual spaces, sprayers can get into those areas easier than rollers and brushes can. Some paint sprayers cost around $50 for a residential use model, but a professional sprayer for painting really big jobs can be over $400.

6. Hire Professional Services

House painting services are more affordable than you may realize and the benefits which come with hiring a pro house painter to paint your house rather than yourself are many. By hiring painting services, you will not deal with the mess and also the costly mistakes.

7. Remove all interior Decorations

All the interior decorations must be removed with great care from the house. This is the step to be taken before starting interior work. Painting companies also charge for this work to do but if you are keen to save more on painting services this would also be a significant factor to save you money on house painting services.

When you need house painting, it is important to consider all of your options and necessities. Many people prefer to use professional house painting so they do not have to worry about all the things that can go wrong.

The Benefits of Using Steel Buildings

The benefits of using steel buildings are many including saving money because they are low-maintenance and can be erected quickly which is a money saver. In addition, they do not attract the normal range of wood pests many other buildings do such as termites. Steel buildings offer a wide range of options for various businesses to use for extra building space, storage or other needs.

Many farm and agricultural businesses use steel buildings for horses and other livestock because the buildings will keep the animals safe, even during severe thunderstorms. They are safe from fire hazards, unlike their wooden counterparts. If a fire were to begin in a building such as this, it would be contained and not spread to other buildings or houses because of the steel structure. There are usually multiple doors and windows in these types of buildings as well so that the animals would have a better chance of escape.

Companies will use a steel building for arena type events such as dog training schools, tractor shows, and sometimes church events or extra room for children’s schools. There are many different possibilities for a metal building and since they require little maintenance, they are cost-effective for a business to purchase and keep for many years.

The main draw for a steel building is the fact that they can be erected in less time than the traditional buildings and this cuts down on construction costs for a development at the beginning. Saving money on the front end of a project will help to get the ‘go ahead’ from a board if there is one or help to gain a loan if needed.

The steel structure requires no pest control because wood-loving parasites stay away from the metals. Carpenter bees, carpenter ants, termites or powderpost beetles are just a few of the wood-eating pests that will not be a problem for the steel buildings. In addition, fungus such as mold and mildew are also a scares problem for owners of metal buildings. These malicious fungi can not infest metal and will not be a problem for such a strong building. Between the fungus and the parasites, that will save a company plenty of money from monthly pest control and clean up.

Another advantage of the steel buildings is their sustainability and if need be, their ability to be recycled into something else if the building is no longer needed for its intended purpose. However, for as long as the building is usable, it can be recycled into many other businesses or it’s ability to house other types of stock or events.

The benefits of using steel buildings for a sports club, agricultural events or staging area are many and the fact that these buildings are low maintenance help to pay for themselves. Saving money is for everyone, especially when someone is just beginning in business so choosing a steel prefabricated building, as opposed to a traditional building with wood, is a smart move.

None of the other materials that are used to build various commercial or housing establishments can be made into arches. Even if they can be made into arches, these materials will not last for a long time like steel. This is the advantage of using steel for the construction of buildings that are to be arch-shaped.

Other than benefit there are other reasons to choose a steel building:

Beautiful constructions:

The buildings that are made from this material are all much better for the aesthetic look than any other kind of construction. This is a major advantage of using such good material for making a long lasting structure.

Safety considerations:

The steel buildings are also safer than all other kinds of materials used to make similar structures. This makes this to be very useful in areas where there is a very high risk of the occurrence of earthquakes. The structures made of steel are more resilient and are safer for the people living in them.


These steel structures can withstand a wide range of climate conditions making them be looked for after by individuals in cruel climatic conditions. This has made the use of this material and style of construction to become very popular.

These are the various reasons for the people trying to construct structures in such diverse methods. More details are found in steel structures at steel buildings.

Why your cat or dog needs veterinary care and check ups

Pets are an amazing part of our life. Life is different when you have a pet at home. When you own a pet dog or cat, you must take care of them to ensure they are healthy. It is important for you to know why your cat or dog needs veterinary care and check ups. When your pets are healthy then they will be able to lead a quality life. Therefore, it is very important to take your beloved pet to an experienced veterinarian.

Your pet dog or cat is an important member of your family. You should take care of it just the way you care about your other human family members. Pets are friendly and they are selfless creatures as they do not expect anything from you. They may fall ill just like any other living thing, so you must ensure they are in best of their health. Proper care and medication is important to ensure they are leading a healthy lifestyle.

There are some basic concepts that revolve around quality pet care. They are discussed in brief as follows:

1. Take your pet for regular health checkups

Pets, like humans, may have heart problems, toothache, arthritis, or other health issues. It is important for you to take your pet for regular health checkups to ensure they are in good health. When you take your pet dog for periodical health checkups then it would help for early detection of any disease. You must take your pet for regular exams as it is the best way to keep it healthy. Health screenings, dental exams, parasite control and vaccinations are highly recommended for your pet.

2. Protect your pets from parasites

The most common parasite that plagues pets are fleas. Skin infection, hair loss, hot spots and irritated skin are some of the common problems faced by pets affected by fleas. If the flea enters the body of the pet through mouth then it will give rise to tapeworm problem. So it is important to protect your pet from external and internal parasites to ensure good health.

3. Ensure your pet has optimal weight

Your pet must have optimal weight as obesity will give rise to many other health problems. Obesity affects many cats and dogs in U.S. which puts them at risk of arthritis, diabetes and cancer. You must not over feed your pet as it will cause it to gain weight. While you are taking steps to ensure that your pet cat or dog does not gain weight, you must also ensure that it does not lose more weight. If your pet is undernourished then it will cause him to be weak and lean.

4. Vaccination is necessary for your pet

You must ensure that your pet is vaccinated for quality and healthy lifestyle. Vaccination will protect your pet from hepatitis, leukemia and rabies. You must talk to your local veterinarian clinic before going for vaccination as there are certain factors to consider like age, health, lifestyle and risks. After considering all these factors the vet will immunize the pet.


Why Is A Knee Brace Specialist Important?

Knee Braces are use for people who have been involved in an injury of some sort whether it be in sports or just a plain accident and they are usually used when they have had something happen to the knee. Knee braces are usually made out of some sort of elastic or foam, or they can be made out of plastic, metal and even could be something as simple as leather straps. Knee braces push the knee in the opposite direction to keep it from rotating which should never happen in the first place.

To learn more about knee braces, we recommend you first watch our video here at:

How Can Knee Braces Help In Injury Recovery?

There are four types of knee braces and they are:

  • Functional Braces: These provide support to already injured knees, usually an older knee injury.
  • Rehabilitative Braces: These are used when the patient is trying to recover from an injury and heal. This usually is used when limited movement is required for when the patient is recovering from surgery or is in the midst of physical rehabilitation.
  • Prophylactic Braces: These are primarily used when an athlete needs to use their knees during contact sports.
  • Unloader/Offloader Braces: These are for people with arthritis in their knees.

custom knee braces

It’s disputed between supporters and detractors of knee braces on whether they are effective or not, but some athletes feel that any of the four braces actually help their knees. However, if you feel that your brace isn’t giving you the best results try to not only put the brace in front of your knee but try knee strengthening exercises to improve it. A knee brace should be one of many options for taking care of the knee, it really depends on the injury a person has.

Why Is It Important To Have A Knee Brace Specialist?

They are better known as an Orthotist, or Prostheticist, and deal with all kinds of limb prosthetics, knee braces are just one aspect of the practice. Orthotists/Prostheticists first assess the situation and try to find out just exactly what the problem is and then they prescribe you the proper knee brace. But before they can assign the proper knee brace they have to ascertain your medical condition or conditions and your daily walking and/or running habits. Next, they make sure it’s the right fit and design for you, followed by the actual physical therapy that the brace gives.

During this process your doctor and your physical therapist will meet with you as they discuss the best course of action for you to take. The Orthotist/Prostheticist meets with your doctor because he can’t prescribe the knee brace on his own, he needs permission. He needs a prescription. Then you meet with the technician who the Orthotist/Prostheticist works with to make sure you have the right fit. First they build the cast of the leg and then they actually build the brace.

The relationship between the patient and the knee brace specialist is an important one because it just doesn’t end with the fitting of the brace. Over the course of weeks, months, or even years, the Orthotist/Prostheticist monitors the knee brace to make sure it’s working correctly and whether or not they need to make any adjustments. But the most important lesson to learn is that you should never get a knee brace without seeing your doctor first.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of knee braces, contact one of our specialists today at Peak Health and Performance. Alternatively you can visit our Facebook page for more information as well.

How to Dispose Of Unused Medicines

dispose medecine

Most people have some minor health issues that require them to have medication.  However, there are over a thousand people each and every week that actually throw away their unused medicines.  Most of these medicines however are thrown away incorrectly which can in fact be dangerous so how do you in fact dispose of your unused medicines?

Use the Take Back Program

In many locations, you can find a good take back program which is supplied by the government and local health services.  These medical supply services are great when it comes to dealing with your unused medicines properly.  It can be very simple to use these services and there are many of these around that take your unused medicines and dispose of them correctly.

If you use these services you can be assured that the medicines are taken care of properly.  However, this is not the only program available for you to choose from.  There are many other ways to dispose of your unused medicines.

Dispose Correctly

If there are instructions on the medicine bottles as to how to dispose of the medicines, follow them; if not, don’t just throw them away.  You should take any unused pills or tablets and mix them in with things you are throwing away.  You could mix these in with old coffee or tea grounds and even in with food you are throwing away as well.

However, you could mix a drug with your old foods but place them into a sealed bag.  This way should anyone look through your garbage, it cannot be found unless someone rips open the sealed bags.

Take Care of Your Old Containers Also

It isn’t just your medical tablets that you need to dispose of correctly; you also need to take care of your medical bottles and sachets.  Before you throw any containers out, make sure you remove all of the information from the bottle.  You could wash off the label or scratch it off; whatever you do, make sure the information is not available to read.  You could even write over it so it’s ineligible.

It is also wise to avoid flashing your medical supply down the sink or in the toilet.  Some medicines which dissolve in water can contaminate the water supply and others can clog up drains.  It will be so important not to place any of your medications down the toilet or in the sink because it could be very dangerous to do so.

Think Before You Act

You might not realize it but there are lots of medicines which are in fact very harmful – especially if you throw it away and someone who shouldn’t be taking the medicines take them.  Remember, medicines are prescribed for you, one person; you have different needs to everyone else so if you throw away your medicines incorrectly they could end up harming others.  That is why you should ask your local pharmacy about disposing of them correctly and whether they have a take back service.

You could even ask your doctor how to correctly dispose of your unused medicines.

Put a Healthy Spin on School Lunch

school meals

Who said having lunch at school would not be fun and healthy at the same time? It is possible to provide children a nice and delicious chance of eating healthy, making school once again a nice and very helpful place for children to learn more things about life. It is possible to have a balanced meal even while outside home, and this is a special and very ludic way to show children and teenagers that there are many good and tasty options apart from junk.

How can children find healthy foods interesting?

It is always possible for parents to add healthy foods here and there and still deliver nutrition and very tasty options for children to have at school in case the school does not provide lunch itself. The main reason why parents should be concerned is that buying junk at school or even refusing healthy foods is an issue and if parents do stay still children will certainly not grow used to avoiding junk. There are so many delicious options available and children will not even notice that you reduced the junk and added delicious alternatives to the meal.
On to a few examples…

• There are some very practical examples on how you can put a healthy spin on the recipes for lunch. For example, instead of having that peanut butter and jam sandwich have a substitute; add guacamole instead of peanut butter! The good fats contained on the guacamole will add benefits to your child’s diet and will also not be as bad as peanut butter.

• You can also grab some leftovers and make a delicious sandwich using pitas instead of white bread. Also give preference for whole wheat breads instead of average bread, this will add vitamins and nutrients and will cut the calories that your child ingests.

• Make sure you also add some vegetables that can be eaten raw such as carrots, broccoli and others so children have a new and delicious something to chew on. It is very important that they have such vegetables since they are small, that way they will not neglect them later on in life. Of course it is impossible to make someone love a certain food that is good for him, however it is a parent’s obligation to show children and teens all of the healthy options available.

• Have your child understand that you care. Letting them know that what you do is for their own good is always a great way to show them what you truly intend on giving them new foods to try.

school meals

• Be the example! Show your family (not only your kids, your spouse should help too!) that you are healthy as well!

Eating junk in front of the kids or even providing unhealthy means is sabotaging your plans yourself. Give preference to balanced meals and teach your children to eat right the moment they are born. Of course it is never too late, however the earlier you begin the better.Check the link for more info:

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