Seven things every home pharmacy should have


Having your own set of medications home is always a very good idea. In fact having a considerably good amount of basic medications home is a need, after all accidents might happen anytime and anywhere. It does not necessarily mean that you need to buy expensive medications, in fact only a few pills and a couple herbs will do the trick! You will not have to spend hundreds! Take a look at the next few tips and have what you truly need in case emergencies come.

• Home Made Ice Cubes – This might seem silly or even not very useful at all, however ice cubes are a great helper whenever you get hit or fall for example. as soon as you have the concussion you should add a few ice cubes on a plastic bag – or cloth – and place directly on top of the area hit. This will help the blood to dissipate and no lumps to appear. This is also good to help with purple marks on the body, since the ice will help your skin not to have the blood there to leave a mark.

• Always have some herbs home such as boldo or lemon balm– they are quite helpful for stomach issues and are easy to prepare. You can have a vase home and grow them yourself. They are easy to maintain and pretty much just need sun and water. You can serve the tea for humans or even for your dog in case he is feeling bad.

• Cotton balls, plaster and related materials – These are essential whenever an accident happens. You need these to put on the injured area and to protect the area from getting any infections. Make sure you always have high quality tape that does not give any allergies. Use proper medical related instruments to clean the area and always keep your medical items separately, so they do not get dirty.

• Have a special container for your meds – it is important to have as one of the main items, a proper container to keep all of your items, that way they will not get dirty from any possible contamination.

• Have painkillers and meds for cramps for example – it is essential to have painkillers, liquid or pills to help you on your day to day. After all, sometimes a headache or even cramps may come during the night, and no drug store will be open for you. So avoid the pain and have things ready at home.


• Bandages – Always have bandages for small cuts. It is always good to protect the cut area and to avoid infection. It is important to never use bandages for too long though or they can cause issues.

• Have muscle cream or gel – You can feel muscular pain due to stress for example. It is always a good idea to have the right apparatus home to help.

For more useful information and other tips on what you should have home in your first aid kit make sure you check the following link

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