How to Dispose Of Unused Medicines

dispose medecine

Most people have some minor health issues that require them to have medication.  However, there are over a thousand people each and every week that actually throw away their unused medicines.  Most of these medicines however are thrown away incorrectly which can in fact be dangerous so how do you in fact dispose of your unused medicines?

Use the Take Back Program

In many locations, you can find a good take back program which is supplied by the government and local health services.  These medical supply services are great when it comes to dealing with your unused medicines properly.  It can be very simple to use these services and there are many of these around that take your unused medicines and dispose of them correctly.

If you use these services you can be assured that the medicines are taken care of properly.  However, this is not the only program available for you to choose from.  There are many other ways to dispose of your unused medicines.

Dispose Correctly

If there are instructions on the medicine bottles as to how to dispose of the medicines, follow them; if not, don’t just throw them away.  You should take any unused pills or tablets and mix them in with things you are throwing away.  You could mix these in with old coffee or tea grounds and even in with food you are throwing away as well.

However, you could mix a drug with your old foods but place them into a sealed bag.  This way should anyone look through your garbage, it cannot be found unless someone rips open the sealed bags.

Take Care of Your Old Containers Also

It isn’t just your medical tablets that you need to dispose of correctly; you also need to take care of your medical bottles and sachets.  Before you throw any containers out, make sure you remove all of the information from the bottle.  You could wash off the label or scratch it off; whatever you do, make sure the information is not available to read.  You could even write over it so it’s ineligible.

It is also wise to avoid flashing your medical supply down the sink or in the toilet.  Some medicines which dissolve in water can contaminate the water supply and others can clog up drains.  It will be so important not to place any of your medications down the toilet or in the sink because it could be very dangerous to do so.

Think Before You Act

You might not realize it but there are lots of medicines which are in fact very harmful – especially if you throw it away and someone who shouldn’t be taking the medicines take them.  Remember, medicines are prescribed for you, one person; you have different needs to everyone else so if you throw away your medicines incorrectly they could end up harming others.  That is why you should ask your local pharmacy about disposing of them correctly and whether they have a take back service.

You could even ask your doctor how to correctly dispose of your unused medicines.

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