Durable Medical Equipment& Medical Supplies—A Guide for Seniors


DME or Durable Medical Equipment is a very common term, especially when looking for high quality medical equipment for seniors. Seniors need high quality equipment that can last for much longer. In fact it is a good recommendation that seniors and those who are responsible for retirement homes to invest money on DME for a series of factors, including:

• Safety reasons
• The product will last longer, therefore reducing costs with repairing
• Save money on the long run, after all the person will not have to invest a high amount of money buying a new item, instead he will be able to save as little as one fifth of the value on simple repairing and also safety checks.

Be well informed before making any purchase.

Regardless of your position, it is always important to evaluate what the senior truly needs when it comes to purchasing canes or even wheelchairs. For instance if you need Durable Medical Equipment it is important that you invest more money (especially when the product will be used with seniors), because not only do they have extra needs but they are also much more sensible than someone who simply broke their legs and need the wheelchair just for a couple of months. The senior could have several different injuries or even have terrible issues if he was to use a wheelchair or even cane of lower quality and that does not last as long as a DME.

Are there any disadvantages when it comes to DME?

Yes, there are, however not in a long term way. Durable Medical Equipment will obviously cost more than simpler and disposable ones for example. Although the expenses are bigger once you purchase the item, at least you will be able to save money on the long run, after all you will not need to worry about changing the product any time soon. It is essential that you make a well thought decision, after all buying a DME will certainly end up using your money and possibly reducing substantially what you have in your bank account. It is always possible to negotiate in case you are getting more than one piece.


Other great tips when getting DME for seniors.

It is also very important to have the senior, or seniors who will use the DME actually check what is being purchased, that way issues will be reduced. It is important because the senior will be the one using the equipment, therefore he is the one who should be able to try it before making any purchase. It is understandable that if you have a retirement clinic or anything of the sort it can be hard to find a specific product for each individual, however you can do some research online and even ask the professionals who work on trusted stores to show which standard models they have. This is a very simple tip that will certainly save you a lot of time, money and also patience in the future. For extra information on the matter make sure you go online and check the link http://www.agingcare.com/Articles/Understanding-the-Difference-Between-Durable-Medical-Equipment-and-Medical-Supplies-104574.htm.

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