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How to Dispose Of Unused Medicines

dispose medecine

Most people have some minor health issues that require them to have medication.  However, there are over a thousand people each and every week that actually throw away their unused medicines.  Most of these medicines however are thrown away incorrectly which can in fact be dangerous so how do you in fact dispose of your unused medicines?

Use the Take Back Program

In many locations, you can find a good take back program which is supplied by the government and local health services.  These medical supply services are great when it comes to dealing with your unused medicines properly.  It can be very simple to use these services and there are many of these around that take your unused medicines and dispose of them correctly.

If you use these services you can be assured that the medicines are taken care of properly.  However, this is not the only program available for you to choose from.  There are many other ways to dispose of your unused medicines.

Dispose Correctly

If there are instructions on the medicine bottles as to how to dispose of the medicines, follow them; if not, don’t just throw them away.  You should take any unused pills or tablets and mix them in with things you are throwing away.  You could mix these in with old coffee or tea grounds and even in with food you are throwing away as well.

However, you could mix a drug with your old foods but place them into a sealed bag.  This way should anyone look through your garbage, it cannot be found unless someone rips open the sealed bags.

Take Care of Your Old Containers Also

It isn’t just your medical tablets that you need to dispose of correctly; you also need to take care of your medical bottles and sachets.  Before you throw any containers out, make sure you remove all of the information from the bottle.  You could wash off the label or scratch it off; whatever you do, make sure the information is not available to read.  You could even write over it so it’s ineligible.

It is also wise to avoid flashing your medical supply down the sink or in the toilet.  Some medicines which dissolve in water can contaminate the water supply and others can clog up drains.  It will be so important not to place any of your medications down the toilet or in the sink because it could be very dangerous to do so.

Think Before You Act

You might not realize it but there are lots of medicines which are in fact very harmful – especially if you throw it away and someone who shouldn’t be taking the medicines take them.  Remember, medicines are prescribed for you, one person; you have different needs to everyone else so if you throw away your medicines incorrectly they could end up harming others.  That is why you should ask your local pharmacy about disposing of them correctly and whether they have a take back service.

You could even ask your doctor how to correctly dispose of your unused medicines.

Put a Healthy Spin on School Lunch

school meals

Who said having lunch at school would not be fun and healthy at the same time? It is possible to provide children a nice and delicious chance of eating healthy, making school once again a nice and very helpful place for children to learn more things about life. It is possible to have a balanced meal even while outside home, and this is a special and very ludic way to show children and teenagers that there are many good and tasty options apart from junk.

How can children find healthy foods interesting?

It is always possible for parents to add healthy foods here and there and still deliver nutrition and very tasty options for children to have at school in case the school does not provide lunch itself. The main reason why parents should be concerned is that buying junk at school or even refusing healthy foods is an issue and if parents do stay still children will certainly not grow used to avoiding junk. There are so many delicious options available and children will not even notice that you reduced the junk and added delicious alternatives to the meal.
On to a few examples…

• There are some very practical examples on how you can put a healthy spin on the recipes for lunch. For example, instead of having that peanut butter and jam sandwich have a substitute; add guacamole instead of peanut butter! The good fats contained on the guacamole will add benefits to your child’s diet and will also not be as bad as peanut butter.

• You can also grab some leftovers and make a delicious sandwich using pitas instead of white bread. Also give preference for whole wheat breads instead of average bread, this will add vitamins and nutrients and will cut the calories that your child ingests.

• Make sure you also add some vegetables that can be eaten raw such as carrots, broccoli and others so children have a new and delicious something to chew on. It is very important that they have such vegetables since they are small, that way they will not neglect them later on in life. Of course it is impossible to make someone love a certain food that is good for him, however it is a parent’s obligation to show children and teens all of the healthy options available.

• Have your child understand that you care. Letting them know that what you do is for their own good is always a great way to show them what you truly intend on giving them new foods to try.

school meals

• Be the example! Show your family (not only your kids, your spouse should help too!) that you are healthy as well!

Eating junk in front of the kids or even providing unhealthy means is sabotaging your plans yourself. Give preference to balanced meals and teach your children to eat right the moment they are born. Of course it is never too late, however the earlier you begin the better.Check the link for more info: http://www.wral.com/duke-medicine-put-a-healthy-spin-on-school-lunch/12712057/.

Seven things every home pharmacy should have


Having your own set of medications home is always a very good idea. In fact having a considerably good amount of basic medications home is a need, after all accidents might happen anytime and anywhere. It does not necessarily mean that you need to buy expensive medications, in fact only a few pills and a couple herbs will do the trick! You will not have to spend hundreds! Take a look at the next few tips and have what you truly need in case emergencies come.

• Home Made Ice Cubes – This might seem silly or even not very useful at all, however ice cubes are a great helper whenever you get hit or fall for example. as soon as you have the concussion you should add a few ice cubes on a plastic bag – or cloth – and place directly on top of the area hit. This will help the blood to dissipate and no lumps to appear. This is also good to help with purple marks on the body, since the ice will help your skin not to have the blood there to leave a mark.

• Always have some herbs home such as boldo or lemon balm– they are quite helpful for stomach issues and are easy to prepare. You can have a vase home and grow them yourself. They are easy to maintain and pretty much just need sun and water. You can serve the tea for humans or even for your dog in case he is feeling bad.

• Cotton balls, plaster and related materials – These are essential whenever an accident happens. You need these to put on the injured area and to protect the area from getting any infections. Make sure you always have high quality tape that does not give any allergies. Use proper medical related instruments to clean the area and always keep your medical items separately, so they do not get dirty.

• Have a special container for your meds – it is important to have as one of the main items, a proper container to keep all of your items, that way they will not get dirty from any possible contamination.

• Have painkillers and meds for cramps for example – it is essential to have painkillers, liquid or pills to help you on your day to day. After all, sometimes a headache or even cramps may come during the night, and no drug store will be open for you. So avoid the pain and have things ready at home.


• Bandages – Always have bandages for small cuts. It is always good to protect the cut area and to avoid infection. It is important to never use bandages for too long though or they can cause issues.

• Have muscle cream or gel – You can feel muscular pain due to stress for example. It is always a good idea to have the right apparatus home to help.

For more useful information and other tips on what you should have home in your first aid kit make sure you check the following link http://health.howstuffworks.com/medicine/first-aid/10-items-in-medicine-chest.htm.

Safe Use of Health Products for Weight Loss


Millions of people in America, especially in the USA and Canada try to lose weight in the most unhealthy of the ways: by filling their lives with weight loss drugs. Weight loss drugs not only are expensive but they are also unhealthy and not the easiest way out of being obese or simply overweight. People have the delusion that if they take meds they will not have to work out or even eat better, they will get healthier and thinner as if it was a miracle, well things are not like that and people should understand that before they even considered buying such meds.

The main risks of weight loss medication.

Weight loss medication increase people’s chances of getting sever conditions that would otherwise be avoided if they chose other healthier and more natural methods to lose weight. Here is a small list of the main risks, there are several others though:

• Increase your chances of having heart issues
• Put too much stress over your body therefore raising your blood pressure levels
• Have you become an addict
• Have you get debts because of drug addiction
• Harm organs such as your liver and kidneys
When to take weight loss drugs?

Of course weight loss drugs exist for a purpose and as long as people follow the doctor’s prescriptions and advice they will be fine. The only problem is that most people try to auto medicate themselves and take the same drugs that their friends do. This is not correct after all every single person has a different body and metabolism and only the doctor will know what the best weight loss drug you need and also in which quantity.

Make sure you visit your trusted doctor and explain your situation. He is the right professional to help you understand whether you truly need to take drugs. In case you truly do make sure you have a healthy diet and balanced life style with exercises, after all the drugs are only an extra to help you lose weight faster and it should never be your sole source of help.

You should get as much help as possible and never do things on your own, after all that is what doctors are for: to give you the right advice and the best guidance when you need.

Is it possible to lose weight without the need to take drugs, even if the doctor says it is ok to take them?


Of course! It is always possible to lose weight without the help of any drugs. In fact this is the most recommended – not to say healthiest – method to do so. It is important to always keep in mind that if you have a balanced life style with exercise and healthier foods you will be able to lose weight with time. Of course it can be a longer path, however you will not have to spend money on meds or even have to visit the doctor as often. For more useful information and tips access http://healthycanadians.gc.ca/health-sante/medicine-medicament/weight-amaigr-eng.php.

Durable Medical Equipment& Medical Supplies—A Guide for Seniors


DME or Durable Medical Equipment is a very common term, especially when looking for high quality medical equipment for seniors. Seniors need high quality equipment that can last for much longer. In fact it is a good recommendation that seniors and those who are responsible for retirement homes to invest money on DME for a series of factors, including:

• Safety reasons
• The product will last longer, therefore reducing costs with repairing
• Save money on the long run, after all the person will not have to invest a high amount of money buying a new item, instead he will be able to save as little as one fifth of the value on simple repairing and also safety checks.

Be well informed before making any purchase.

Regardless of your position, it is always important to evaluate what the senior truly needs when it comes to purchasing canes or even wheelchairs. For instance if you need Durable Medical Equipment it is important that you invest more money (especially when the product will be used with seniors), because not only do they have extra needs but they are also much more sensible than someone who simply broke their legs and need the wheelchair just for a couple of months. The senior could have several different injuries or even have terrible issues if he was to use a wheelchair or even cane of lower quality and that does not last as long as a DME.

Are there any disadvantages when it comes to DME?

Yes, there are, however not in a long term way. Durable Medical Equipment will obviously cost more than simpler and disposable ones for example. Although the expenses are bigger once you purchase the item, at least you will be able to save money on the long run, after all you will not need to worry about changing the product any time soon. It is essential that you make a well thought decision, after all buying a DME will certainly end up using your money and possibly reducing substantially what you have in your bank account. It is always possible to negotiate in case you are getting more than one piece.


Other great tips when getting DME for seniors.

It is also very important to have the senior, or seniors who will use the DME actually check what is being purchased, that way issues will be reduced. It is important because the senior will be the one using the equipment, therefore he is the one who should be able to try it before making any purchase. It is understandable that if you have a retirement clinic or anything of the sort it can be hard to find a specific product for each individual, however you can do some research online and even ask the professionals who work on trusted stores to show which standard models they have. This is a very simple tip that will certainly save you a lot of time, money and also patience in the future. For extra information on the matter make sure you go online and check the link http://www.agingcare.com/Articles/Understanding-the-Difference-Between-Durable-Medical-Equipment-and-Medical-Supplies-104574.htm.

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